Mann Frau was amazing! From the beginning of wedding planning I knew I wanted a video. After meeting with many different videographers it was an easy decision to choose Mann Frau (Kelly and Benjamin). They were open to ideas, extremely easy to talk to, and clearly explained their strategies. They were responsive to emails and questions throughout planning. On my wedding day they captured every little detail and emotion. They gave us space and made us feel so natural and comfortable. Nothing they did was staged or in our face. Kelly and Benjamin are true artists. They traveled from Milwaukee to spend the day with us and worked so hard following us through Madison. And they worked so well with our photographer (who they had never worked with before). Many of our guest have reached out to me to ask how we met our friends Kelly and Benjamin because they are such friendly and kind people. Our families and wedding party loved them! Overall, Mann Frau was my most favorite wedding investment. They exceeded my expectations. I would recommend them to anyone!


Mann Frau doesn't just slap together shots of your wedding, moving from one speech to the vows, wrapping up with dancing and, oh yeah, don't forget a panning shot of the venue. Of course all of those scenes are essential to a wedding video, but that's not just what Kelly and Ben do. They show you their perspective, as it evolves from interacting with the couple and their love for one another. They get inside of your mind and under your skin -- you feel part of what you are viewing. The speeches are said to you, you feel as though you are hearing the vows as if this is the first time they've been said. You want to get up and dance along, you want to visit where they have filmed. Kelly and Ben, are not only a joy to be around, they truly understand how to capture love and the union of two people. The video you receive reveals a style of artistry that is so far ahead of its time, I sincerely stress the importance of investing in Mann Frau.
- Josey Stafford, Sixpence Events & Planning

Simply point; Mann Frau is everything. 

Ben + Kelly just fade into the background and unobtrusively capture all the little moments without you even realizing it. Ben + Kelly are just as personable as they are talented. Their work is compelling, unique, honest, and emotional. Honestly, our wedding video has my husband and I crying within the first 3 seconds - - each and every time we watch it - - - and we’ve viewed it countless times. I cannot easily put into words how their work instantly has the ability to take you instantly back to the exact mindset and location when that exact moment initially unfolded. I love reliving our wedding day thanks to Mann Frau. After our wedding day I remembered exactly how I felt that day (overwhelmed with happiness), but I cannot quite remember exactly the words and facial reactions everyone said/had that day - but once I watched our wedding video I could. Choosing Mann Frau undoubtedly just may be the best decision you can make for any given milestone or event in your life.


Ren + Caleb


Ben and Kelly from Mann Frau are incredible. They're just so cool and nice, and they made our wedding day even more fun. When looking for videographers, I knew that I wanted a team who could capture the true feeling of the day and all of the intimate moments that make it special. Ben and Kelly 100% delivered. We gave them some feedback in terms of what we were looking for and then let them be the creative geniuses that they are. Note: This is not an overnight process. Ben and Kelly devote a lot of time to making the videos special. And even though we had to wait a few months to get the videos, they are 1000% worth the wait. We absolutely loved our videos, and I'm so thankful we have them to help remember our day. Thank you, Ben and Kelly!!!


Jack + Elyse