These videos attempt to take pause. To show that every moment is a worthy one.

On the best of days, you see the world through through their eyes. They are you, extended. Updated. They are your hopes and dreams. Not life through, but life anticipated. Their first friend. Their first day of school. Their first kiss. They will fall in and out of love. They will walk and run and crash. And you are there. Watching. Life anticipated, guided, but never judged or hastened or dictated. They are you, extended. They are you made whole. 

FOREST_Artboard 1.jpg

They move slowly through this unforgiving landscape, unsure what each new valley will bring.

For the first time the forest's mystery gave way to golden clarity.

KAMENSKI_Artboard 1.jpg

Kindness awaits with open arms.

Independence comes to age under a watchful eye.

YANZ_Artboard 1_Artboard 1.jpg

Every movement means something.

The teacher and the dancer. You are their world, and you teach them to look at it.