Simply point; Mann Frau is everything. 

Ben + Kelly just fade into the background and unobtrusively capture all the little moments without you even realizing it. Ben + Kelly are just as personable as they are talented. Their work is compelling, unique, honest, and emotional. Honestly, our wedding video has my husband and I crying within the first 3 seconds - - each and every time we watch it - - - and we’ve viewed it countless times. I cannot easily put into words how their work instantly has the ability to take you instantly back to the exact mindset and location when that exact moment initially unfolded. I love reliving our wedding day thanks to Mann Frau. After our wedding day I remembered exactly how I felt that day (overwhelmed with happiness), but I cannot quite remember exactly the words and facial reactions everyone said/had that day - but once I watched our wedding video I could. Choosing Mann Frau undoubtedly just may be the best decision you can make for any given milestone or event in your life.

— Ren + Caleb